German shepherd dog





Delgado was a police dog who lost his sense of smell.He got fired because he could no longer follow a scent.He got captured by Rafferty and became a fighting dog.He rescues and protects Chloe from El diablo.He jumps of a train with Chloe in Chihuahua (place)

Delgado in the deleted scenes:Edit

Delgado was bullying a chihuahua puppy (Unnamed).He was also showing off how big and mean he is.

Delgado in his crime:Edit

Delgado was on a major bust with his partner to kill and shoot Vasquenz.Before he knew it,he was blind-sided.He got pounced by El Diablo and his partner was shot by a rifle by Vasquenz.The next morning,he can't smell a thing.Then he was fired because he coulddn't follow another scent.He became furious and wanted to be a fighting dog.

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